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The Best Audi Car Lease Deals


Do you know that at VIP Westchester Lease, you can get not only the best Audi lease bargain but a smooth and efficient process that will get your brand new Audi in your driveway in no time?

If a brand new Audi has caught your fancy and you’re considering getting yourself one through an Audi car lease, VIP Lease should be your go-to dealership. Landing the best lease deal that will not only help you secure the best lease rate but also grant you an effortless leasing process- zero hassle, no headaches, and a stress-free auto lease should be your priority. That’s what you get from VIP Westchester Auto Lease.

Audi cars are noted for their style, great looks, reliability, and excellence it brings to the luxury car circle. Some of the exquisite Audi models up for lease from our impressive inventory includes;

Audi A5

One of the most attractive luxury small car that you should consider leasing is the new Audi A5. This German automobile is available for leasing both in coupe and cabriolet (convertible) body styles. With an athletic engine that gives the A5 an exhilarating performance, an exclusive interior design with packs of tech features, decent fuel economy, and a comfortable ride, there’s plenty to like about the A5.

Audi Q5

Leasing the new Audi Q5 should absolutely make it at the top of your list of luxury compact SUVs. It feels quick in most driving situations, thanks to its high performance twin-turbo V6. It also offers composed handling and a posh ride. Its opulent cabin provides enough space and luxury touches for you to enjoy every ride with your new Q5.

Audi S5 Sportback

With an impeccable build quality, spacious interior with an upscale vibe, and an engine that instantly comes alive once you hit the accelerator, leasing the new Audi S5 Sportback model is no brainer. The German automaker has indeed crafted the new S5 Sportback with desirable features that will satisfy many looking to get a new luxury hatchback.

Audi RS-5

If you’re looking for something with more impulsive performance than leasing the Audi S5 (available in coupe and cabriolet body styles), then leasing the new Audi RS-5 should be it for you. This performance-oriented coupe delivers everything you need from a luxury coupe and much more.

Audi Q3

Even in the cut-throat luxury subcompact SUV class, the new Audi Q3 still stands as one of the hottest looking SUV with the right styling and insightful engineering to impress everyone. Our Audi Q3 lease gives you a stylish SUV with a classy cabin, engaging driving dynamics, and loads of luxury niceties at the lowest possible lease price.

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